About Me

My Background


I opened my studio "Carrier Collective" in 2009 sharing a collective body of my work in many different arenas.  

The journey has presented experiences from gallery shows to the wholesale markets in Atlanta and The High Point furniture Market in North Carolina.  I have designed furniture, fabric, wallpaper and a few homes.  I am a licensor and have my reproductions hanging in Hotels and many private collections.  

I have currently returned to my studio to challenge myself with new mediums and produce new work.

As they say . . . the best is yet to come!

My Medium


I use many different mediums, such as acrylics, handmade papers, clippings, plaster and fabrics. 

 I love mixing it up and allowing the mixed mediums pieces to loosen up my style. 

I'm currently exploring 3D sculpture and looking at incorporating some of the same sculpture materials into my 2D work.

My Inspiration


I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains in East Tennessee and spent most days in the woods and streams.  Growing up in rural Tennessee we relied on activities in nature to fill our days.

Influenced by creative parents . . . my mother who quilted and sewed our clothes and my father who designed and built our home. 

 A degree in Engineering Graphics shows up in many of my detailed mixed media pieces.  Continued studies in art rounds color theory and composition.